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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#38 Linking against host instead or target's libraries new guillermo defect critical
#22 Minor enhancements new javier opportunity major
#26 Add power saving capabilities new javier opportunity major
#29 airtme link metric broken with Minstrel rate control algorithm new javier defect major
#31 oops when reloading mac80211_hwsim after mesh traffic new javier defect major
#33 supported rates not set in authsae new javier defect major
#35 mpath routing loop new javier defect major
#36 Don't initiate path discovery when receiving a frame for which we have no mpath new javier defect major
#39 BSSBasicRateSet is null new javier defect major
#30 Implement dot11MeshHWMPperrMinInterval new twpedersen enhancement minor
#32 (meshd-nl80211) trap divide error new javier defect minor
#37 insserv: /mnt/distross/etc/init.d/meshkit: No such file or directory new guillermo defect minor
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