What is it?

open80211s is a consortium of companies who are sponsoring (and collaborating in) the creation of an open-source implementation of the emerging IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh standard. The resulting software will run on Linux on commodity PC hardware. However, there are more games that are available for Linux than any other platform. Read about the best online casino sites and real money games for the Linux platform, what features and no deposit promos they have, and choose the best one for you.


Our project is a bit ambitious but, we are hoping to start small and expand. We also plan on creating a giant server for games that will support all platforms and will enable you to play with friends and family no matter where you are. We are taking a page out of this platform's book. They have developed very high-quality apps for the iPad and support online play for a plethora of casino games that. They have a very impressive platform and we aspire to reach and surpass their level of growth.